PLATO is a software testing and technology services company trusted by clients around the world. In addition to providing its clients with the highest quality software testing services, PLATO is creating careers in technology for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people from coast to coast to coast through its innovative train-and-employ model.

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Prince Albert Photocopier (PAP)

Helping navigate your technology path and office equipment needs.

Optek Solutions LP (Optek), an IT Services company that is owned by Athabasca Basin Development, Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies, and Kitsaki Management as well as Aebig Investments, acquired Prince Albert Photocopier Ltd (PAP) in July, 2022. PAP provides print systems, IT solutions, managed services, web services and more, including:


  • Multifunction printers and copiers
  • Wide Format Printers
  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Visual communications
  • Air purifiers
  • Document and media destroyers
  • Office furniture



  • Managed IT Services
  • Website Design, Maintenance and Hosting
  • Document Workflow and Management Solutions

Optek Solutions

Optek provides advisory and support to companies in need of IT solutions.

Advisory services

  • Strategic Direction: Optek helps companies make strategic IT decisions by providing recommendations based on their unique needs.
  • Risk Management: Optek helps companies understand risks and fortify operations to provide peace of mind. Services include:
    • Trusted Vendor Management: Optek brings in the best of the best to help mitigate potential issues before they start.

    • Defined Requirements: Optek provides project support and helps put together requirements.

    • Process Improvement: IT plays a key role in processes. As things change, continual process improvement can enable team engagement, refocus your operations, and lead to growth.

    • Continuity Planning: Business continuity planning is also known as a disaster plan. It is a plan for how an organization will continue to operate during a service disruption. Optek can provide a proactive plan to avoid and mitigate risks associated with a disruption of operations.

Support services

Optek provides the following support solutions:

  • Full Service Desk: Optek can take care of all IT issues, proactively working in the background to prevent issues, and provide support. Optek delivers service in a way that allows for the scaling up of support based on features and usage.
  • Hybrid/Partial Support: For organizations that have an existing support team, Optek can help by filling in any gaps.
  • Backup Service Desk: Back up services to cover vacations or other gaps in services.
  • Added Capabilities: Resources to work with for special projects, ongoing support or for problem solving.