Kitsaki Vegetation Services

Saskatchewan’s beauty includes many varieties of trees and bush that can grow quickly.  This growth can interfere with powerline right of ways and industrial developments.   Electrical power can be lost because trees grew into powerlines or fell onto powerlines during a storm.  The job of cutting or otherwise controlling this vegetation is important to maintaining electrical service across the province.

KVSLP are experts in controlling this growth.  We provide a full line of vegetation management services including Right-of-Way brush clearing, danger tree removal, hand slashing, herbicide application and consenting services.  We have developed a large labour pool that allows us to mobilize crews of up to 200 on short notice.  We can clear the way for a new powerline stretching across the province and we can clear a worksite for a new development.

Some of our services include utility tree trimming, clearing of distribution/transmission ROW’s, hydro axing, brush cutting, hand slashing, feller bunching, danger tree removal, wood chipping, and mulching. In addition to clearing operations in a wide range of geographic scenarios, KVSLP is certified in and provides herbicide application services.

KVSLP also provides training and advancement opportunities to ensure workers have a wide variety of skills specialized for vegetation services. We strive to build teams and retain skilled workers by ensuring our employees are appropriately recruited, properly trained, and given the necessary skills experience to deliver efficient, quality work to our customers. Our primarily indigenous workforce hold various certifications such as heavy equipment operators, Level 3 Chainsaw, Danger Tree Removal, Utility Tree Workers (UTW’s) and Utility Tree Trimmers (UTT’s).

KVSLP has invested in building the managerial, administrative and technical expertise necessary to successfully manage a variety of projects valued from several thousand to several million dollars. As a result, we are proud of our growing reputation as a hardworking and dependable First Nation service provider in Saskatchewan.

Our labour and management assets combine with our business networks and alliances, including our membership of the Kitsaki Group of Companies, to create a complete service package that can deliver workers from environmental to catering to trucking services.

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