Athabasca Catering Limited Partnership

Athabasca Catering knows how to access a top quality Aboriginal and non-aboriginal workforce to meet diverse catering needs of our customers.  Wherever we go we employ great talent to make sure that our food is second to none and the workplace is spotless.  No matter the type of business or location Athabasca stands ready to provide food service, housekeeping, janitorial, mobilization and camp management services.  We listen to our clients.  We can provide turnkey camps for clients or individual services when required.  We employ hundreds of people skilled at what they do.

ACLP provides its clients all amenities required in a remote setting 24/7 serving great meals consistently.  We can customize a meal plan to any client’s preference.  ACLP’s chefs can also provide custom service for special meals for gala events.

Skilled and experienced housekeepers maintain our high standards of cleanliness in residence areas, working with management and clients to ensure these standards are achieved.  Similarly, janitors maintain the industrial area of site both above grade and underground facilities. Janitors also assist housing and launder coveralls for an industrial site.

In addition to catering and housekeeping services, ACLP has the capacity to provide camp design, manufacturing management, transportation, installation, site services, commissioning, and ongoing management. We also provide other services, including remote power generation, water treatment, waste treatment, IT and communications services and equipment, first aid and site security. ACLP is committed to creating and delivering excellence.

Our ownership base includes Northern Aboriginal communities.  Our workforce typically includes many talented people from nearby communities and reserves. ACLP provides benefits to those who welcome the developments into their communities.

We train our workforce to remember that safety is always paramount on our path to “Mission Zero”.  We are COR certified and ISNetworld registered.