Community Involvement

Kitsaki has contributed to generating wealth, employment and community benefits.  This continues to be the mandate of Kitsaki.

Profit Distributions

Kitsaki has provided contributions of over $20 million to LLRIB Communities since 2009.  Kitsaki is a leader among development corporations in delivering regular and significant financial dividends to its communities.

Contributions have been leverage by each community to assist with projects such as housing renovations, elder and youth programs, land ad resource management, community business development, cultural projects. treaty activities, education and training and many other important community initiatives.

Community Benefits

Kitsaki has donated more then $1 million to a variety of charities and community initiatives over the past 10 years. Notable contributions included:

  • Wake assistance and donations
  • Healing our Communities Fund
  • Wild rice harvester donations and leases
  • Fire assistance
  • Elders Gathering
  • Hospitals
  • Promotional, Treaty Days

Kitsaki is owned by the 11,000 members of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band.  We need to create an economic base that is sustainable and can contribute to the well-being of many people for many years.  To do this we are working to build a diversified portfolio of successful businesses that can provide jobs and profits to our membership.

At Kitsaki, we encourage and support education and training for people to prepare themselves for employment and economic opportunities.

It has been challenging but Kitsaki and related entities continue to prioritize LLRIB employment.  We do this through work plans that include communication strategies, training programs, emerging leadership and other internship programs.

Each business works to prepare band members for employment opportunities at all levels in Kitsaki and our group of companies.

Cameco’s website has a complete list of scholarships and what is needed for prospective recipients prior to application. They can be found at

As well, more information about available scholarship programs can be obtained through the band office in La Ronge.


Over the past ten years, Kitsaki provided 4 scholarships per year totaling $40,000 to support band members who wish to pursue careers in technical and professional positions.

Kitsaki Management LP and its strategic partners are attempting to make it easier for band members to access funding for post-secondary training in Saskatchewan and beyond.

Along with long-time partner, uranium mining giant Cameco as well as the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Kitsaki is boosting its contributions to $50,000 to the scholarship program for a total of $150,000 in available support annually.

Cameco, through its collaboration agreement with Kitsaki and the LLRIB, is actively involved with providing resources for young people looking for post-secondary training. The collaboration agreement ensures that Cameco will participate in providing support to the LLRIB and provides opportunities for band members to succeed in their chosen professions thanks to educational support.

Obtaining funds to enable a young person to pursue post-secondary training is sometimes viewed as a hurdle, but it can be a life-changer once the first step is taken.

With the economy in the province’s north seeing many businesses expanding – including some of Kitsaki’s own business interests — this is the time to make sure funding is available.

Lands and Resource Management Board contributions

Since 2014, Kitsaki has helped to  fund the Lands and Resource Management Board which Kitsaki and LLRIB leadership was instrumental in creating.  The process that was adopted is recognized as best practice in the province and beyond. The Board developed Terms of Reference and policies and meets regularly to address various lands and resource related issues. The Board has significantly improved the communication with membership, industry and government on projects that impact our traditional users and membership overall.

Since 1986, Kitsaki has financed more then $4 million into the Loss of Use Process. LLRIB has received an offer from the federal government and a pending commitment of crown land from the province.

Treaty Land Use mapping costs were funded by Kitsaki during 2014 to 2016.