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Kitsaki Management Fall 2016 Scholarship Ricipients

Anna Cook is from the Little Red River Reserve and now living in Calgary while attending the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Polytechnic. She expects to finish this year and graduate from the two-year program of Baking and Pastry Arts this spring. She's already graduated with a certificate in the Professional Cooking program as well a certificate for Entrepreneurship and Small Business from Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Living in Calgary has exposed her young family to life in the big city. She's been able to take some time and tour around to see some of the hotspots in Calgary, such as Canada Olympic Park.

"I was just able to take them tubing there. It was so much fun for them," says Anna.

She's plans on taking everything she's learned and putting it to good use as she embarks on a baking career business from her home and surrounding area of Christopher Lake.

Anna was quite astounded to learn she had earned the Kitaski scholarship.

"It was mind-blowing to me because I really didn't think I'd receive anything," she says. "It's helped so much and I'm so thankful!"

Stanley Roberts is from Grandmothers Bay and now living in Air Ronge while he attends Northlands College. Stanley comes from a large family, something he takes pride in. He has five biological and six adopted brothers and sisters.

He was thrilled upon learning about his selection for a Kitsaki scholarship. "I was pretty excited when I received an email of congratulations," Stanley recalls. "I jumped out of my seat and told my instructor and classmates."

He's planning on using his education and his strong work ethic to good use upon his graduation in June as an underground mine technician.

Stanley thrives on working in a fast-paced environment and has always enjoyed learning new things. He is still contemplating a move to Ontario to continue his education at Queen's University in the Mining Engineering degree program where he would earn credits for his education in Saskatchewan. But first things first, Stanley says.

"I would like to find a job and work for awhile."

When he's not pounding the books and studying, Stanley enjoys fishing, hunting and trapping.