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About Us

Kitsaki Management Limited Partnership is owned by the Lac La Ronge Indian Band. The Chief and Council through the board of directors work to serve approximately 11,000 band members who reside in beautiful northern Saskatchewan. The area is resource-rich, with huge forests, thousands of lakes, deposits of gold, and uranium. The band is comprised of six communities; Grandmother's Bay, Hall Lake, Little Red River, Sucker River, Stanley Mission and Lac La Ronge.

We start, acquire and grow businesses to improve the economic future for our band members, Aboriginal people and all stakeholders. We pursue opportunities that meet our criteria for profitability, minimal risk, Aboriginal employment and training. It takes years to positively benefit thousands of band members but to date our investments have been successful.

We create and manage a portfolio of active business investments rather than the individual companies. We then work to maximize profits, employment, and training opportunities. We want to provide employment opportunities for membership so they can help strengthen our First Nation, our province, and our country. Profitable economic development leads to job creation and training. All Canadians will benefit from improving the economic circumstances of Aboriginal people, and we are privileged to do our part to meet this goal.

Our Vision

We are leaders in building profitable business enterprises for training and employment.

Our Mission

To build a diverse network of businesses to improve the economic future for the members of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, other Aboriginal people, and all other stakeholders.

Our Key Commitments

- We shall encourage and support education and training for people to prepare themselves for employment and economic opportunities.

- We shall maintain a diverse group of profitable enterprises, allowing Kitsaki the flexibility to adapt to evolving markets.

- We shall maximize Aboriginal employment in Kitsaki and Band enterprises through a "training oriented" work environment.

- We shall develop the resources of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band's Traditional Lands according to the principles of sustainability, environmental protection, multiple use of resources, preservation of traditional activities, and public participation and consultation.

- We shall maintain and support Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge that provides value-added advantages to the Kitsaki group of businesses.

Our Key Principals

Respect - We respect all cultures, traditions, values, and beliefs.

Profitability - We shall maintain profitable businesses to achieve our goals.

Sustainability - To responsibly manage Traditional Lands and Resources as a heritage for future generations.

Accountability - We are responsible for our business decisions.

Integrity - We are open, honest, and transparent.

Responsibility - We balance politics with good corporate governance.

Kitsaki Staff

  • Russell Roberts - Chief Executive Officer
    Shawna Kay - Executive Assistant to the CEO
    Al Solheim - Chief Financial Officer
    Therese McIlmoyl - Director of Projects
    Tom J. McKenzie - Land Claims Coordinator
    Alan Sklapsky - Controller
    Natasha Gillert - Communications Coordinator
    Winston Bell - Security